The Advantages of Learning Through Practice

The Advantages of Learning Through Practice

All of us have dreams and goals that we would like to attain in our lifetime. Whether it is learning to play the guitar, losing weight, saving, or becoming a better person in general, our goals need time and effort from our side in order to become our reality.


Granted, the gap between our goals and where we stand is usually the lack of knowledge. Once we have learned about our goal and studied it carefully, we are well on our way to devise a plan that can get us closer to our goals. 


Nevertheless, knowledge alone can’t help us achieve our goals. Knowledge can get us closer to the destination but it is the practical experience that can make our dreams come true. 

The difference between learning and practice

Learning a new skill and practicing a new skill such as English speaking skills through online English speaking course are two very different methods that can yield different results. For instance:


  • Let’s take the example of fitness goals: You can take various classes and watch YouTube videos on how to perform a deadlift but you will never start getting fit unless you practice it yourself. 

  • If your goal is to establish a startup, you can do all the research about how you are going to conduct your business but at the end of the day, you will have to make the sales calls yourself.

  • If you want to write a book, you need to start writing, besides talking and learning from best-selling authors.

Passive learning gains you knowledge, active learning provides you with skills.

Passive learning can stop our dreams from becoming a reality

In most cases, passive learning is actually a way to avoid the practical experience. If you want to learn a foreign language and you pick up a book to familiarise yourself with the grammar and other technical aspects of the language, you are, in a way, avoiding practicing the action that would make you well-versed in the language. You might think that you are making progress towards your goal by reading a book, while in reality, you are actually stagnant. Learning is important but don’t let it become a form of procrastination. 

The practice is learning but learning is not practice

Passive learning is not a form of practice because although you are gaining knowledge, you are not applying it anywhere. Practice, on the other hand, is one of the best ways of learning because it is hands-on and insightful.

Practicing also prepares you for the real world, where practical knowledge is as important as the bookish knowledge, if not more. 

Practices focus your energy on the process

What you are today is based on what you have been practicing and doing all your life leading up to now. When you realize this, you tend to focus your energy on practicing good habits so that you land at a better spot in the future. Dreaming is easy. Anybody can dream anything. Turning dreams into reality requires action. Focus your energy on the process and you will be provided with the product of your choice.