Having a reliable heating, ventilation and air conditioning system for your home or business is a must. Yes, you can make do with a space heater or a fan on some days, but most of the year, it's not possible to have an efficient comfort system. But what can you do to ensure that the comfort system you have is always maintained and working properly, especially if you're not an HVAC maintenance specialist? Easy...make sure you have a quality HVAC service provider!

Most HVAC installation companies offer this service. And it's certainly a service worth considering, as an HVAC service plan typically provides customers with semi-annual service and maintenance appointments, prompt service in the event of an emergency, and lower prices on any necessary repairs. But how do you choose a quality HVAC service provider if the company that purchased the system doesn't offer it or may have gone out of business? If you are looking for an HVAC maintenance service provider, here are some important things you want the company to have:

The company must comply with all local and national codes and regulations, as well as insurance for its workers and business.

It must be punctual and respectful when making home visits.

They should be familiar with the system you have in your home or office and be able to secure any items that may be needed in the event of a repair.

A quality HVAC service provider will keep up with the latest advances in their field to help you determine which system will be most effective in keeping your comfort levels where they need to be.

They should listen to your needs and concerns. If you have rooms that are too drafty or too humid and they don't care, then you need to find someone else.

A quality HVAC service team can help you determine if your home or office is prone to indoor air pollution, and then help you find a solution to eliminate the problem.

The HVAC service company should show you how to care for your system on a daily basis to get the most out of your investment.

The company and its employees should be concerned about the environment. The refrigerant used in air conditioning systems and heat pumps has been linked to the destruction of the earth's ozone layer. An environmentally responsible HVAC company knows this and will not release refrigerant into the atmosphere, but will know the proper steps for recovery, recycling, reclamation and disposal of used refrigerant.

When choosing an HVAC service provider, take the time to talk to them about their training, what their maintenance plan includes, how they approach problems, and how they dispose of refrigerant and any other related items. If you don't like their answers, find someone else. The team at HVAC Set It & Forget It in Hendersonville, NC is happy to help you with all your HVAC needs.