5 Ways to Attract Potential Tenants

5 Ways to Attract Potential Tenants

Not getting good tenants? Is your property good but still not able to keep reliable tenants? Then may be its time to add some practical tips to attract potential tenants. You can either take the help of property management services in Howard County or you can use the below mentioned techniques to increase the chances of getting good renters.

Discounted rates

Who doesn’t like discounts? Especially when you are getting it on your rent. Potential tenants are attracted to the discounted rates. To pull this off you may have to do some careful maths. A good rental management company in Howard County MD can help you evaluate the rates compared to the expenses offered by the competitors.


You can be flexible in giving discounted rates if your tenants pay on time through electronic medium. This will save you time and money as well.

Reduce the rent

Discuss this with the rental management company in Howard County MD, to be flexible with your listed fees. Try and cut extra charges that you can do without. This will help you keep good tenants with you for a longer time. After all the loss from having vacuum in the apartment is more than the minimal fee.

Shorter or longer lease

The lesser will be the risk of extended vacancy of your property, if your tenants extend their stay with you. So, try to extend the lease lower monthly rates. This needs you to keep an eye out for changes in the taxes for assessing the risk.


If you have the support of a property management company in Howard County, Baltimore then they will take care of this part for you. They prepare lease agreements after considering the market changes.


Some tenants may not stay for a long time. be flexible with your lease agreement by giving them shorter lease. It is important to have amiable relationship with your tenants, as they are good source of publicity.

Flexible terms

Relaxing your terms of agreement is a good way to attract good tenants. Renting a property can be a huge commitment and having a strict term of lease can turn your good applications away.

You can make inexpensive changes to the lease to make your property more appealing to potential tenants. Make your property pet-friendly which will be a bonus to the renters. You can also add early termination of the lease can come as a great advantage to you.

Put together a gift hamper

Once the lease is signed. It’s time to make your tenant feel welcome and comfortable. Put together a gift basket that will bring the tenants closer to you. Having a great relation with your tenant will obviously bring great results. You can welcome them by putting together an edible hamper or a bottle of wine will do. You can also place coupons from restaurant for them at the property as a surprise. This will create a special bonding between you two.