5 Signs You’re Doing Your Social Media Marketing Strategies The Wrong Way

5 Signs You’re Doing Your Social Media Marketing Strategies The Wrong Way

There is a big difference between running your own social media profile and operating your business media platform with applied marketing strategies — unless you are the brand yourself. 


Technology is consistently changing the way companies market their brands. The consistent change comes with loads of information about the best way to approach the social media marketing campaign. With all these strategies bombarding each marketer every day, why do you think some companies are not making any progress at all? Just because some marketers know the rules does not guarantee the chance that they are doing these strategies the right way. 


When it comes to marketing, there is always a right or wrong path to follow whether to develop or flop a smarter strategic plan. It’s just a matter of what road you follow. To make sure you’re on the safe side, today’s article talks about the signs that you’re doing your social media marketing strategies the wrong way. 

You don’t update regularly. 

Failure to update your social media profile is the number one cardinal sin of most marketers. By sharing information on a regular basis, you give your followers a reason to review your content, perceive your brand, and wait for your upcoming posts. Otherwise, your followers would likely fall out of interest if they see your profiles run dry for days and months. Hence, make sure you stick to your regular posting schedule to avoid losing your followers’ contact and engagement with your business.  

You’re not gaining more followers. 

A great number of followers may not always guarantee the success of a social media marketing campaign. You can turn followers into customers while some followers remain the same. However, if you think the number of your followers is not growing despite your marketing efforts, then maybe something is not right with your strategy. Reevaluate your social media marketing plan and try to come up with a new set of strategies that will engage your business with a wider market reach.      

You broadcast rather than engage. 

Building true engagement between brand and target consumers is quite necessary for the sake of social media marketing success. This may sound cliché but social media marketing is more than just about broadcasting your thoughts about your product. Marketing thru social media is more of a conversation between the brand and its consumers. You are definitely missing out on the benefits of building a true engagement if you keep on sharing your thoughts alone, rather than engaging with your followers.     

You ignore (or delete) negative comments/mentions.

Regardless of how great and reliable your business is, upset customers with extremely negative comments are inevitable. The problem is when marketers handle the situation with such an incorrect response — ignoring (or worse, deleting) the negative comments to make their work easier. 


As a member of the marketing and public relations team, part of your job is to address the concern of your consumers in the most favourable manner. First, you need to respond with your sincerest apology. Create a candid explanation of what went wrong and how the company is planning to compensate the upset customer. Lastly and most importantly, ensure that the problem will be properly handled so it won’t happen again in the future.    

You don’t review (and revise) your plan. 

You’ll never know if none of what you’re doing is making any sense when you don’t track your strategic performance. There are lots of tools you can use to check the stance of your marketing plan. Some of these tools are HubSpot, Google Analytics, and Moz. Make an annual review to check if your marketing plan has worked throughout the year. This way, you can easily decide whether to push through or scrap the plan.