Brilliant Tips for earning quality Backlinks with Guest Posting Services

Brilliant Tips for earning quality Backlinks with Guest Posting Services

For increasing a website’s authority, backlinks play an essential role through high-quality guest posts. Even, Top class today’s friendly Search Engines love fresh web pages through the links offered by relevant websites. And today’s highly demanding Search Engine like Google to track your page for a search so that you need to become discoverable for it.

But, not having any backlinks means your way might be complicated for Google to find your site. Therefore, earning backlinks is the key to the quickest result.

No doubt, to receive backlinks from some else’s sites, using result oriented guest posting services tips can be really fruitful approach for your website.

I know it sounds weird how hand-written content provides profitable leads from other sites, but it has already been proved by techniques that I’ll share today with you.

Well, I have four basic tips for earning backlinks with guest posting such as what are backlinks & Guest posting, Guest write for strong blogs, Find websites that allow guest posting, and Select websites with perfect Domain Authority.

What are backlinks & its Guest posting relation? 

If some write blogs for other websites, the process is called guest posting or Guest blogging. This is an amazing strategy of earning backlinks from blogs to your own websites in exchange for an article.

Different places in the post allow adding links. To place a link, focus on the body of the article anchored to a related keyword.

Now, it’s time for discussing two basic types of links that foreign websites happily allow:

  • Do-follow- If you have a by default link, it would be called the “Do-follow” link. Those links will help Google to discover the site that allows you to get position to the search engine’s index.


  • No-Follow- A do-follow link can easily be converted into a no-follow link. There is no value in these kinds of tags. Basically, they don’t play any role in enhancing your page ranking.

Guest Write for strong blogs

If you want to receive positive reviews or comments, submit emotional, heart touching, eye-catching & well-written content that provides valuable information that readers exactly expect.

However, even posting one of the best content cannot be proved effective as you were expecting. But don’t worry you just follow a basic strategy like every minor detail should be mentioned in guest posts.

Try to utilizing various approaches during writing a guest post as you’ll have a chance to make a relationship with other bloggers. Surely you’ll receive more referrals to your blog.

Besides, by approaching bloggers, they may ask you for submitting more content as well as may give some valuable ideas to improve your writing skills. So, don’t waste to get advice if it is free.

Discover sites that allow guest posting

Do you want a reliable website to post blogs? Utilize 3 mentioned ways comfortably:

Utilize Google: Our trusted friend Google has so many guests posting websites that you can easily search. For instance, Search keyword “digital marketing guest posting sites” and Google will show you the list of high domain options.

HubSpot, YourStory, Creative Bloq, Content Marketing Institute, and Social Media Examiner is some world-famous guest posting websites you may use freely.

Search within Relevant websites: An addition to the earlier method is finding for the exact phrases in the search box provided by sites that have the exact niche as yours.

Such as do you have a digital marketing firm? If yes, then make a list of websites that offer internet marketing services, website development services, or other services that create blogs on SEO and social media.

Furthermore, discover their websites for requesting guest blogging chances by typing “write for us” in the search box. And I hope you’ll see the right landing page as possible.

Follow other Guest bloggers: If you find out some blogs on posts, it’s time for checking other guest bloggers on those posts. Include your most favourite authors in your list if you see them frequently posting on various sites.

Also, you may find out them on Google that would display you certain other websites that they have been posting on in past.  Then, without wasting time, create content to populate those websites.

Select sites with Good Domain Authority

If you have planned with a list of websites, now analyze the authority of their domain. To do so, there are some effective free tools include Small SEO tools, SemRUSH, or Ahrefs that can provide you with highly accurate information regarding the domain.

Check for the domain authority of the page that allows high quality backlinks for websites but make sure it must be 25 because Google’s eyes cannot see sites that have as a minimum authority than 25.