Wondering Where To Buy Empty Juul Pods?

Wondering Where To Buy Empty Juul Pods?

Now that your favorite flavored Juul pods are leaving the store shelves, it’s time to start looking for alternatives. Instead of turning to wasteful disposable vapes, you can keep enjoying your existing Juul pod system by filling your own empty Juul pods. If you are wondering Where To Buy Empty Juul Pods, you can find them at Blankz! Pods.


Blankz! Pods specialize in offering Juul users easy to use refillable pods. The flavored pod ban only covers brands that offer prefilled pods. You can still enjoy any flavor you would like by simply refilling your own pods at home. This may sound like a chore, but you can fill a week’s worth of pods in just a minute or two and continue to enjoy the convenience of using your Juul.


The ability to choose your e-liquid flavors is one of the biggest advantages of using these empty pods with your Juul. Even before the flavor ban was enacted, Juul users were loving these pods because they allow you to enjoy any nicotine salt e-liquid you can find using the convenience that Juul devices offer.


Now that the flavor ban is in place many former Juul users are looking for alternatives. For those wondering where to buy empty Juul pods and delicious e-liquid flavors, Blankz has both. They offer customizable e-liquid flavors that make it easy to find the ideal flavor profile for you. You can choose a flavor and you will receive a bottle of liquid flavor along with a bottle of unflavored e-liquid with your preferred nicotine concentration. All you have to do is mix the bottles together to create your perfect level of flavoring.


You can find plenty of flavor options on their site including fruit, dessert, and menthol options. You can order a few flavors to experiment with or just find the best option for you. They currently offer 6 menthol flavors, 10 dessert options, and 15 fruit options. Every 60 ml bottle costs $38 with a pack of four Blankz Pods included with every purchase.


These pods can each be filled up to three times. That means every pack of 4 is the equivalent of 12 pod usages. A Juul pod can only hold 0.7 milliliters of juice, but every Blankz pod can hold a full milliliter of juice. This means that just one pack of Blankz Pods is going to hold as much as over 17 Juul pods.

Not only do these pods hold more, but they also cost less than Juul pods. A Juul pod costs about $4 per usage. A pack of Blankz pods costs $12.50, meaning the e-liquid is going to be $25.50 of the total purchase. That means each pod use costs $1.04 and the e-liquid is costing $0.43 per milliliter. That brings the grand total for each pod to $1.47! Combined with the increased size of these pods, that is a savings of over 70%. For a pod a day user, you can save over one thousand dollars per year.


So if you have been wondering where to buy empty Juul pods, you have to visit Blankz! Pods today. Their empty pods will let you continue enjoying your Juul device with whatever flavor e-liquid you can find. Don’t spend too much on disposable systems with only a handful of flavor options. Dust off your Juul and start enjoying the convenience of flavored vape pods again with Blankz. You can find more information on all of their products when you visit their store at https://blankzpods.com/.

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