Why Do We Need Electrical Safety Testing

Why Do We Need Electrical Safety Testing

For almost a century, people have been testing electrical safety. There are agencies that conducted the work of testing and certifying electrical goods and products. Over the years, electronic and electrical goods have changed dramatically. Moreover, the safety requirements have changed and evolved as well.


Not all manufacturers understand the reasons and the importance of proper safety testing. The shock and electrical hazards vary sometimes from lethal jolt to tingling sensation. Identifying, correcting, and then eliminating these hazards are the basis of conducting electrical safety testing.


With time, the equipment and gadgets that are used to verify and certify the electrical safety of different products have changed. With the advancement in technology, the other things that have improved are reliability, performance, accuracy, data capture of the results, operator protection, and much more. These improvements in the test equipment have made safety testing easy and efficient for the people.

Reasons to Choose Electrical Safety Testing

The main reason to perform safety testing is to keep the operators and consumers away from the shock hazards. This generally occurs when the current and the voltage are accessible to the consumer or operator concerning the ground.


There are studies that show that the human body can feel the shock sensation with little as 1.0 mA of current. As our body doesn’t have any fixed resistance, this is why the voltage that is required to generate 1.0 mA of current varies concerning the minimum impedance of our body under different conditions.


Some electrical goods and gadgets are used by the people and can be operated using batteries. These operate with an extra-low safety voltage which doesn’t give any shock to the one using it. But the battery charges when plugged in and will have a certain amount of voltage which can be hazardous at some point.


Take your cell phone as an example. Mostly, the cell phones that you use do not have any shock hazard. But when you plug it to the wall outlet connected with the charger, the possibility of getting a shock increases.

So, you can choose professionals for safety testing services. Several companies provide services like electrical safety testing UAE.

When Should You Have Safety Testing?

The manufacturers should perform safety testing while they produce gadgets or equipment. They must ensure that their products should not have any kind of current or voltage that is dangerous for the user. One should test their products to make sure that their products match the safety levels.


There are electrical safety standards that are set by the manufacturers, consumer advocates, and agencies. These standards are important and should be followed by the manufacturers to make sure that their product is designed properly and it is constructed with maximum safety. Using this, you can identify the kinds of shocks that are related to the types of products that are offered. You would know the methods of making your products safe and protect the operator.


Every manufacturer should make sure to maintain and note down the records to make sure that they build their products with the right materials following the correct methods. They should also Inform the agencies if they make some change in design, material, or the process that is generally used in manufacturing.

How To Verify And Certify Product Safety?

There are professional companies who test your products on your behalf based on the safety standards. There is equipment that is designed especially to perform these tests that are mentioned by the safety agencies. The safety testing includes the following tests.

Dielectric Withstand Test Or DC And AC Hipot

A dielectric withstands the tester that applies a DC or AC high voltage in between the live AC ground and AC wires. If the current during the test doesn’t surpass the maximum allowable current that is mentioned, the test is successful. The current that is set for this test is around 5 mA or lesser than that.

Leakage Current Test

There are different types of Leakage current tests. The allowable leakage current varies according to different equipment. Medical equipment has the most critical standard for the leakage current. Here the leakage current is defined as, the earth leakage current, enclosure leakage current, and patient leakage current.

The Insulation Resistance Test

Hipot testing and insulation resistance tests are almost similar. It is the applied voltage that is divided by the current measured and the resistance is calculated. This is the way how the condition of an insulator is characterized.


The common methods which regard the insulation are environmental like cold, humidity, heat, and even contamination. Some insulators are subjected to heating from soldering during the process of manufacturing and humidity or cold when not stored properly.


Therefore, get the tests done by professionals. Verify and certify your products from a renowned electrical safety audit company in Dubai.