Significance of a quality Earth Pit Test You Cannot Ignore

Significance of a quality Earth Pit Test You Cannot Ignore

The measurement of ground resistance for an earth electrode system is critical. It should be done when the electrode is first installed and then at periodic intervals after that. From the extensive knowledge, many professionals are engrossed in offering superior quality earth pit testing services in Dubai, UAE. They offer these services as per the various specifications of clients in compliance with the quality standards.

Before contacting them, explore various specifications and essential info about the earth pit test:

Importance of earth pit testing services in Dubai:

“Earth Resistance” is important to know before putting electrode which is the resistance of soil to the passage of electric current. The earth is a somewhat poor conductor of electricity equalled to regular conductors like copper wire. But, if the field of a path for current is huge enough, resistance can be pretty low, and the earth can be a good conductor. The earth’s plenty and availability make it an essential component of a properly operating electrical system.

Earth resistance is estimated in two methods for two essential fields of use:

1. Defining the efficiency of “ground” grid-irons and connections castoff with electrical systems to safeguard personnel and equipment.


2. Seeking for good ground with (low resistance) situations or obtaining restrained resistance values that can give particular information about what is present some distance below the earth’s surface

How is the earth pit test done?

Earth Tester is used for measuring soil resistivity which is also called the “MEGGER”. It consists a voltage source, a meter to measure resistance in ohms, switches to change instrument range, Wires to connect the end point to Earth Electrode and Spikes. It is estimated or calculated by using Four Terminal Earth Tester Instrument. The end points are joined by wires, as in the illustration.

Purpose of Earth Ground Testing Services in UAE

1. Safety for Human life or for any connected Building /Equipment

To save human life from the risk of electrical shock or death by flipping a fuse, that is to offer an alternative path for the fault current to flow. Hence, it will not put danger to the life of user.


To safeguard buildings, machinery & appliances under fault conditions, earth pit test is important.

To make sure all exposed conductive parts do not reach a dangerous potential.

To provide a secured trail to disperse lightning and short circuit undercurrents.

2. Overvoltage protection

Lightning, or unintentional contact with higher voltage current wires can cause dangerously high voltages to the electrical distribution system. Earthing offers an alternative path surrounding the electrical System to decrease the damages in the setup.

3. Voltage stabilization

There are varied sources of electricity to a transformed and it can be considered a separate source. If there were not a common reference point for all these voltage reservoirs, it would be confronting to calculate their relationships to each other.

Check for the background, reputed, and past experience of a company offering Earth Ground Testing Services in UAE. Don’t forget to compare the price of services offered and the credibility factor among previous customers.

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