Selling Your House Fast - Why a Realtor is Your Best Ally

Selling Your House Fast - Why a Realtor is Your Best Ally

The goal of any homeowner is to sell their home fast and for a fair price. Unfortunately, these two metrics are inversely related (i.e., a faster sale typically means less money). How can you speed up the process? Here are a few key tips to get you started.


When selling your house, you want an experienced Realtor who understands the local market. Fortunately, finding one doesn’t have to be hard—you need to know where to look. A good place to start is by asking friends and family for recommendations. Then, interview multiple candidates to get a feel for their personality and approach to real estate. An experienced agent can help you with many aspects of your home sale, including recommending professional photographers, staging your house, and making small upgrades to make it more appealing to buyers. Fortunately, you can browse to learn more about the benefits a realtor can give. Additionally, they can help you avoid common mistakes that can delay the sale process. For example, they can help you avoid overpricing your property, which will turn off potential buyers and cause them to walk away.

Market Knowledge

Market knowledge is a vital factor in selling a house fast. Market knowledge lets you know what’s happening in the real estate industry and how it might affect your sale. It can help you find potential buyers ready to buy your home if you have a timeline that you need to sell your house by, mention it in your listing so buyers can submit offers quickly. It may be a good idea to ask buyers to provide pre-approval for their mortgage before they make an offer. This can save you time as a seller by not having to deal with financing issues. It also helps prevent deals from falling through. 

Negotiation Skills

A Realtor knows that every home seller has different expectations and goals. Some may want to sell at a certain price or within a specific timeframe, while others will make concessions and accept a lower offer. When negotiating with buyers, remaining calm and understanding their motivations is important. This will help you find a compromise that benefits both parties. Some things to consider when negotiating include not discussing personal details, supporting your claims, using a win-win approach, and keeping your emotions in check. It’s also helpful to deal in person rather than over the phone. This way, you can pick up on social cues such as body language and eye contact, indicating a buyer’s confidence in their offer or willingness to budge.

Marketing Campaigns

A Realtor has a specialized skill set to market homes. They know how to take clear, professional photos of properties and use effective marketing strategies that attract buyers. Realtors in Troy, MI, can also value homes based on their comparables. This allows them to give sellers an accurate estimate of their home’s worth and makes it easier for the seller to negotiate. Another way to sell a house fast is to make it as ready for move-in. This will encourage potential buyers to submit offers quickly. To do so, remove personal items and paint walls in neutral colors. Additionally, a seller can offer buyer closing costs in New York or a seller credit as an incentive to attract buyers. This will save buyers money and time in securing their financing.

Time Management

The average home stays on the market for 31 days, but that can differ in your neighborhood depending on other factors like a buyer’s market or how much work your property needs. If you’re selling your house fast, you must get organized, prioritize and act quickly. Realtors have a unique perspective on your home’s value and how it relates to the local market, so they can help you set a realistic price. They can also provide a list of comparable homes in the area to give you an idea of what similar houses sell for. Productivity is crucial for Realtors, who often juggle multiple tasks and client needs.