Summer Tees Must Haves For Men And Women

Summer Tees Must Haves For Men And Women

The summer season calls for the best and most comfortable outfits that would make a person feel at ease at every point in time. Especially, in a country like India which is a tropical country and most of the times, it is predominantly hot and humid, one needs to have an option to wear the lightest of clothes like T-Shirts which would give their body enough relaxation even during the harsh summer months.


Tees are simple and easy to wear. This removes half of the hassle and makes the garment the most wanted amongst people of all age groups. Be it the youth or the older generation, each person is equally excited about getting new tees, no matter how much they already have in their wardrobes. Therefore, the summer season calls for a new collection of this garment, to slay the fashion game in the best way possible. Be it men’s T-Shirts or women’s, both are equally charming.


Types of Tees for Men and Women

This summer, keep your style and casual, and let the dressing do the talking for yourself. When it comes to must-have tees for any season and especially this one, there are five major categories to look into. The list of the same is given below:


  1. Plain Tees: A plain T-Shirt is generally without any print or graphics. It is a plain garment that is simple to wear. Combining a plain tee with the comfiest pair of jeans or trousers helps in slaying the casual look like no other combination. Wear a cool pair of sneakers or shoes to go along with it. This type of tee is mostly round-necked, which is also known as a crew-neck T-Shirt.


  1. Graphic Tees: Graphics have been trending in the fashion world for the last few years. T-Shirts for men and women now come with various pictures or images imprinted on the garment. These are graphics. The process is meticulously carried out and is an art in itself. Various pathways of creativity, for example, embroidery, screen printing, and watercolor painting are major parts of it.


  1. Printed Tees: One of the finest mediums to spread positive messages is through the use of printed tees. With the advent of printing technology, and the youth becoming more aware and creative, T-Shirts for women and men are being printed with various messages, information, or diagrams made on them.


  1. Solid Tees: A solid color often means one color throughout the area of any garment. Suh types of tees are greatly in fashion. This tee could be of any type, just the color of the garment plays an important role. A solid tee is timeless and transcends the bounds of age or gender. Everyone can carry it well without much hassle.


  1. T-Shirt Dress: T-Shirt dresses are a recent addition to the clothing category of tees. The garment is so comfortable and airy that one wouldn't feel like changing into any other clothes, once and when they wear it. Several surveys show that this outfit is a diversification of men’s shirts. By putting a shirt into repetitive changes, a tee dress has been discovered.


What to keep in mind?


For purchasing some great tees, be it women’s T-Shirts or men’s, one needs to keep in mind certain factors like the quality and the affordability of the product. The fabric of the cloth should be well examined for it to not affect the skin in any way. Keeping the budget in mind is also very essential while making any such purchase.


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