Learn Everything You Need to Know About Mastercard Gift Card Balance

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Mastercard Gift Card Balance

Summary: Are you struggling on how to register and activate your prepaid visa gift card? Read out the information given below to enjoy the best shopping experience!


Shopping is a favorite activity of all especially ladies from different age groups. You would not like to miss a chance to shop for your favorite items whenever you have some free time to use. In such situations, you rush down to the nearest market or seek for your desired items over some reputed online stores. For that purchase, you have recently purchased a mastercard, but you are pretty confused how to activate or check the Mastercard gift card balance

Let’s know here how to activate your card:

It is not as difficult to use this card as you thought of. Check out the steps given on the website of the card to enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience. Make a call to their representative and activate it with ease.

The primary purpose of writing this article is to help you get your card ready for the better use. 

Registering Your Mastercard Gift Card

The first and very important thing you need to do is register it whether you have recently bought the card through an online or offline store or received it as a gift from your loved ones.


Visit the website of the card; enter your card info there to check your card balance. On the home page, you will see a link mentioning “Registering your card.” The link will automatically turn into “Edit your card” when you enter your zip code. Now your card is registered to your zip code. However, you still complete the formalities to activate it. 


Once you are done, it’s your job then to reach out to the cardholder agreement link to activate your link. Well, you can also do the same with the help of the toll-free number mentioned on the back side of the card packaging. You will receive an automated message that will prompt you to enter your card number. 

Apart from learning how to check out the Mastercard Gift card balance, here is something you need to learn:

When you are at the Store

If you are looking forward to utilize your card at a store, then you are advised to select “credit” if you want to swipe your card on your own in a scanner.  

Has Your Card Declined Recently?

There are chances of getting your card declined in cases if your card is not registered and activated yet. A nominal amount on your account has been placed if your card is declined. It is in effective until your chosen store voids the charge within the time period of 7-10 days.

What about the Activation Fee?

Check out the cardholder fee table given on the vanilagifts.com to find out how much activation fee you have to give for your chosen card.

Where to Find a Cardholder Name?

The name through which you registered at the store you bought the card from is known to be the cardholder name if you have made a purchase online.