How Samsung Became The Most Trustable TV Brand In India
How Samsung Became The Most Trustable TV Brand In India

How Samsung Became The Most Trustable TV Brand In India

Samsung TVs created a legacy of game-changing innovations and kept pushing the limit of what’s possible in sound and picture and offered futuristic advancements in Samsung LED TVs. 

Samsung became the most trustable TV brand in India by raising the industry standards with their latest and innovative approach to improve user's viewing experience. Let's take a closer look:

1. Colour Volume

It is the industry standard for assessing a TV’s ability to generate accurate colours at all luminance levels. The higher the colour volume is, the better the TV will be at expressing accurate, vivid colours.

Samsung’s QLED TVs, which offers a peak brightness of 1,500 to 2,000 nits, are the first TV displays to reach 100 % colour volume. Such high colour volume means that these Samsung LED TVs produces deeper and brighter colours in regular viewing environments, which allow content to be Samsung TVdisplayed in the manner that manufacturers intended.

Furthermore, QLED TV’s innovative screen-coating technology reduces the reflection by 98.5% and provides a more pleasing viewing experience to the users even under strong lighting or sunlight.

2. High Dynamic Range or HDR technology 

It adds more brightness, contrast and colours to the content displayed on typical HD or UHD TVs.

HDR technology was introduced to provide deep blacks, whiter whites, and more exact colours to make them true-to-life. The difference between the preceding SDR (standard dynamic range) and HDR standard is night and day. HDR technology retains details that otherwise get lost in glare or shadows when displayed on an SDR TV to truly stand out.

Samsung QLED TVs assures support for the new industry standard for HDR video HDR10+. This HDR10+ means the addition of a more dynamic range (the perfect ratio of light and dark) to picture quality to deliver more vibrant colours and greater contrast and lets images be improved on a scene-by-scene basis. The results you can experience on Samsung TVare amazing life-like visuals that reproduce content precisely as the experts intended.

3. Refresh Rate

It expressed in Hz(hertz), is the number of times that an image on the display screen is refreshed every second. The higher the hertz (Hz), the smoother the picture will be.

The present conventional refresh speed for TVs is 60 times per second, i.e. 60Hz. Whereas Samsung TVs with high refresh rates of 120Hz provides minimal motion blur and more seamless visuals, ensuring more immersive viewing experiences. If you love watching a lot of sports programs or fast-paced action films or if you’re a gamer, then a Samsung LED TV with a high refresh rate will be a perfect companion for you.

Samsung LED TVs also comes with game-optimizing features like a short input lag (20 milliseconds), which offers seamless and fluid in-game visuals. 

4. HDMI or High Definition Multimedia Interface

It is a digital interface that transmits audio and visual data between devices such as streaming media, TVs and gaming consoles, Blu-ray players and more.

Samsung TVs comes with Higher-quality HDMI cables capable of higher data transfer speeds to provide more bandwidth to enjoy HDR and 4K UHD content. Samsung TVs handles its HDMI and other connections seamlessly to enhance its setup by easy and quick integration with other devices in your living room.

Samsung’s QLED TVs, with the help of HDMI 2.0, makes it possible to increase maximum bandwidth, frame rates and deliver high-resolution visuals for the transmission of 4K videos.

5. Durability

It is an unsaid but vital commitment that Samsung takes very seriously. Samsung TV users can expect anywhere from 7 to 10 years of reliable service from their new TV. The expected lifespan for a premium series of Samsung LED TVs maybe even longer.

Samsung is so confident of their premium TV series that they certified the QLED TVs to be burn-in-free; Burn-in is a type of permanent damage caused by leaving a static image or picture on a screen for a more extended period in conventional TVs.

Samsung utilized the inorganic quantum dots effectively to get rid of this problem. A 10-year warranty backs QLED TVs against burn-in damage that has been recently extended to global markets and confirms the manufacturer’s commitment to offering premium performance with their premium Samsung TVs.

6. Smart TVs

It can connect to the internet to enable its users to browse the web, stream video content and run compatible apps.

Samsung has bundled its QLED TVs with a range of the latest smart apps, services and advanced features that make it a pleasant experience to enjoy high-quality HDR and UHD content. Convenient features like the TV PLUS app systematically organise on-demand entertainment content in an interface that mirrors the channel menus of conventional TV or cable providers. The One Remote feature enables you to manage your Samsung TV and other connected devices via a singular intuitive control.

Samsung TVs are so advanced, they can transform a backyard into a stadium, a living room into a cinema, or morph into classic art that stands out by blending in. Samsung LED TVs are not just your regular TVs but they are designed to fit in your lifestyle.

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