Best place to buy UPC codes for amazon

Best place to buy UPC codes for amazon

The simple step while starting business

When you first decide that you are going to start your own business, emotions are flying. There are joy excitement anxiety nervousness and so much more. In the rush of emotions, sometimes you forget the little details that are vital to success. On this episode of the Amazing seller, Scott talks about one of the early mistakes he made with his photography business that cost time and money him right when things were taking off. Do not miss out on this great advice. Learn from Scott’s mistake and find out how you can start your business of with your best foot forward.

Outline of this episode of Amazing seller

  • Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast
  • Let’s talk UPCs
  • Where you can get UPCs
  • Chris and Scott discuss Pat’s post about UPCs
  • Renewal fees
  • Amazon’s policy regarding UPCs
  • If you are just starting out, here is what you should do
  • Do what is best for you
  • What to do when you are coming up with a business name

What does that mean for sellers

Amazon has millions of duplicate listings where someone has slapped their own bar code onto an existing product in the catalog. Duplicate listings are not good for buyer experience. It confuses customers and dilutes product reviews. The GS1 policy gives Amazon tighter control over what constitutes a valid listing and reduces the chance of duplicate listings.

The best tools for your Amazon business

Automate pricing, request feedback and reviews, improve your marketing and a lot more. And there you are buying UPC codes for Amazon. Amazon consultant help with difficult issues like suspension or help grow your business. All are in the Web Retailer directory.

Bar codes 101

GS1 (Global Standards 1) supplies companies with a prefix, used in GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers). UPCs (Universal Product Codes), EANs (European Article Numbers) and JAN (Japanese Article Numbers) all are different kinds of GTINs. These are then turned into Bar codes which are a machine readable code in the form of numbers and a pattern of parallel lines of varying widths. The first seven to 11 digits in a barcode, is a unique identifier known as a company prefix identifies the manufacturer or brand owner of the product. This is used to create UPCs for your products. The only place you can buy legitimate UPCs is through GS1.

UPCs from Resellers

The problem with buying UPC code from sellers is that they are selling you someone else’s (hopefully unused) code. The company prefix will not identify you; it will identify the original owner of the UPC. So, if you sell apparel and your code identifies Liquor Company that is not going to fly with Amazon anymore. To be clear, resold bar codes are not illegal. I consider UPCs obtained from any source other than GS1 to be grey market as of 2002, GS1’s license agreement has stated.


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