Adventure Thrills: Unleashing Excitement at Adventure Destinations around Delhi

Adventure Thrills: Unleashing Excitement at Adventure Destinations around Delhi

Places to visit near Delhi

There are many places to visit near Delhi. In the vicinity of Delhi,  Rajasthan with Jaipur and Jodhpur, and a bit farther, there's Shimla, Rishikesh, and Mathura—all within a short distance from Delhi. Additionally, Punjab is nearby. Let's discuss some notable places from these regions.

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 

The mountains of Shimla are structured at a height of 2200 m, Shimla is the main capital and is known as the largest city of Himachal Pradesh. The famous hill station is a perfect spot for Indian families and honeymooners. The beautiful hill station holds a lovely presence and a charming environment and you can watch the amazing colonial architecture, pedestrian strolls on Mall road, and a variety of shops to choose from. It is well-accessible with many cities and only a 4-hour journey from Chandigarh city. Tourists can tour across the nearby town of Kufri which is a hill station filled with snow and Chail, a big palace to visit and has the largest cricket ground. People visiting here can receive blessings from Jakhu Temple and also indulge in a sightseeing activity.

Ranikhet, Uttarakhand 

Ranikhet is broken down as ‘Rani’ meaning queen and ‘Khet’ means land in the Hindi language and it forms a word called Queen’s land which is also a mesmerizing hill station in Uttarakhand. In the region of Kumaon, there is a headquarters for the Indian army and a museum called Kumaon Regimental Centre. Tourists can choose this spot to witness the views of Nanda Devi peak and other adventure activities like trekking, mountain climbing, golf courses, and orchards and also visit a temple. 

Spiti Valley

In this spot there are long winding roads and stunning valleys that give a glimpse of the cold desert giving you shivers and snow-capped mountains will give a welcoming moment when you make your arrival in Spiti Valley. Surrounded by the authentic views of the Himalayas, Spiti Valley is situated in Himachal Pradesh. The valley stands at an altitude of 12,500 feet above sea level, and it's the coldest place in the country with only 250 days of sunshine. The word Spiti is defined as ‘The Middle Land’ and the valley divides India from Tibet. 

Fagu, Shimla

Fagu is found to be at an elevation of 2500 meters which is famously called a snow-clad hamlet and a drivable distance of 45 minutes from Shimla. The place is popular for its apple plantations, sowing fields, and snow-capped Himalayas. Since the valley is in a secluded manner, it’s a recommended visit for a honeymoon and also for trekkers and nature lovers. The word ‘Fagu’ is derived from ‘Fog’ because the surroundings are foggy for the whole 9 months. The environment has lush green pine and cedar trees along with fresh red apples. Travelers can visit the Bhantia Devta Temple which has stunning architecture with designs like wooden carvings and the atmosphere there is surrounded by picturesque views.

Kuchesar, Uttar Pradesh 

This place is a small village spotted in Bhawan Bahadur Nagar Mandal in Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh and it is 80 km away from the Capital of India, Delhi. The place is known for its beauty provided by Mud Fort, built by the rulers of Jat during the 18th century. Touring enthusiasts can go for many activities like Bullock cart safari, bird watching, white linen picnic at the sugarcane, swimming pool, and other outdoor activities. The food available here is scrumptious and especially noting the Gujarati and Punjabi dishes are the must-try cuisines during your dining facilities. 

Kesroli, Rajasthan 

Kesroli is a rare heritage hotel so don’t forget to make your visit to Alwar which was present from the age of 14th century. The best escape retreat to watch the beautiful sunset and have a relaxing session while experiencing your fort stay. Neemrana’s Hill Fort is a stunning ancient heritage palace that will take a ride to the ancient ages for you to get stunned and feel excited while exploring the palace. The vicinity of the fort is surrounded by an amazing field garden and swimming pool, and the rooms are designed in Rajasthani style to give you a feel of Royalty. You may want to visit this place during the months of November-February as it is very pleasant and refreshing. During summer time the temperature gets too high and it’s very hot, whereas monsoon season will give you a relaxing and relieving time when the temperature drops.

Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand 

The national park is termed one of the oldest national parks in the foothills of the Himalayas in the district of Nainital of Uttarakhand. The park is known for its wildlife habitat and safaris with so many resorts around the riverside. Tourists can witness the rare and migratory birds during the bird-watching session which makes this place a wonderful attraction for nature and animal lovers. The park was established in the year 1936 as Hailey National Park and later the park was named after Jim Corbett who was a popular hunter and naturalist.