Use Anti-Slip Floor Tiles In The Bathroom

Use Anti-Slip Floor Tiles In The Bathroom

High-quality non-slip tiles have been proven to be excellent with timeless durability, as well as resisting the effects of weathering and excellent load-bearing capacity. If you are thinking of choosing tile for your bathroom, try choosing non-slip tiles to get the great benefits of this tile pattern.

The trend of choosing high-quality non-slip bathroom tiles

The use of high-quality non-slip digital vitrified tiles in the bathroom is becoming a modern trend that many customers choose to buy. With exceptional quality, anti-slip tiles will bring many benefits to customers.


1) The use of tile eliminates the risk of slipping in the bathroom.

For families with the elderly and young children in the home, moving to a bathroom with a smooth surface can be dangerous. There is a risk of falling if the floor is contaminated with water or shower gel. If you are not careful, the same healthy people will slip. To overcome this concern, use imported non-slip tiles. With the enameled surface on a smooth or rough surface, creating friction for the foot, minimizing the possibility of slipping.

In addition, the thick layer of enamel also helps protect the tiles from the risk of strong impacts, resists scratches, prints and patterns that are durable for many years of use.


2) Anti-slip tiles have exceptional durability

The raw materials are made of natural stone powder and colorants. Through a meticulous selection process to remove impurities and heavy metals, raw materials are purified cleanly, ensuring safety for health and the environment.

Then the tiles are used by stone powder vibrators and compressors, the material density of more than 1 millimeter is extremely thick, which makes the floor tiles much heavier than other tiles of the same size. The durability of the material ensures a rigorous testing process, resists extreme impact forces, and is excellent waterproof.

The small holes in the capillaries of the tiles bone are filled to the maximum, which makes the tile very suitable for the bathroom space, with plenty of soap and water. Limit humidity, sweating on the bathroom floor.



3) The high-quality tile is able to clean the surface

Humid places like toilets / bathrooms are easy to create a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria and moss. Therefore, non-slip tiles completely overcome this disadvantage when a few lines of tiles are able to clean the surface on their own, repel mold and dirt without hindrance when cleaning. Helping users to save a lot of time on weekends.


4) Various tiles designs and abundant types.

High quality non-slip tiles not only have basic dimensions like 600x600, 400x400 but also 200x200, 300x300, 1200x1200. suitable for many bathroom designs. Installation in traditional style, staggered, zig-zigzag, symmetrical or evenly alternating according to the preferences of the owner.

Many non-slip bathroom tile models are 3D printed, digitally printed, laser etched on the surface to help the tiles have many decorative patterns that are extremely authentic. Many customers choose some natural stone grain patterns and wood look tiles patterns to buy.



5) High quality floor tiles are sold by us

We have  been in the market for 13 years, distributing genuine products with complete documents to guarantee origin. Customers will not have to worry about finding to buy bathroom tiles where there are reasonable prices, guaranteed quality and no counterfeit products.

With the 5 reasons above, you can convince the most demanding customer to use the high-quality non-slip tiles in the bathroom. Both guarantee the safety of relatives, exceptional durability and make the bathroom more beautiful. You will find all these benefits in the premium tiles that are sold by us.