7 Most Common Myths And Misconceptions About iOS Applications

7 Most Common Myths And Misconceptions About iOS Applications


iOS Apps are the most wonderful apps, The programming, accessibility, and graphics everything is up to the mark. You don't need to worry about the privacy or confidential details of yourself while developing these apps. However, if you wish to get an app for your company; You must prefer to get an iOS App for the same. For this, You can refer to an excellent iOS development company.

Although there are uncountable advantages for iOS Apps due to their wonderful features, there are also many myths and misconceptions that are common among people due to improper knowledge about the iOS Apps and their use.

In this blog post, we will discuss the five most common myths and misconceptions about iOS apps that are very common among people and try to state why they are not valid anymore.


#1 Misconception: It is extremely Expensive to build all types of iOS apps 

It is an underlying fact that iOS apps have more compatible features and have excellent interfaces. One of the common iOS App development myths is that developing all the apps can be pretty much expensive. Finally, it is one of the mobile development myths.

But it is not true as developing an app is a kind of investment that depends on the type of apps, whether complex or straightforward. If the app is complex and detailed, It will cost you more bucks than simple iOS App development companies. On the other hand, if you hire an iOS App developer, the company and developers will cost more in developing complex apps. Hence, app development costs mainly depend upon complexity, and not all apps are expensive to build. 

#2 Misconception: It is immensely difficult to download or update the iOS Application

iOS Apps have a more sophisticated and elegant interface, though it can be difficult for some to download or update the iOS Apps. As a result, somehow, there is a misconception for the same.

Yes, downloading and uploading the android apps is a bit easier, and it can require any of the passwords. At the same time, downloading and uploading the apps is a bit of a tech-known task as it requires ID Verifications and passwords because of security purposes. However, that is not very difficult. If you have some patience and knowledge, you can easily perform the task, which involves uploading and downloading.

#3 Misconception: There is no future for iOS apps in front of android apps 

There is no doubt that Android apps are giving full competition to iOS Applications. But this does not mean that there will be no future for iOS. On the contrary, apps are also becoming advanced with the changing times and fully compete with Android apps. So iOS Apps are going to stay forever and never fade due to time or any tougher competitor.

#4 Misconception: iOS apps are much costlier than Android apps

It is an undeniable fact that you have to pay some charges while accessing some iOS apps because of their services and advanced features. However, it turns into an undeniable myth among people who are accessing the apps. 

People believe that they must pay significantly more for an iOS app than for an Android app, despite using the same app on both devices. 

This is not true in any way, as some programs, such as Whatsapp, are free to download on any device, whether it's an apple or an android. Grammarly, on the other hand, is the same price on both.

#5 Misconception: iOS apps immensely promote various threats

There is no doubt that iOS Apps have a friendly atmosphere over which Apple can have complete control. One common myth arises among people that an iOS application can promote various threats to a user's security. But it is not true at all since all the apps go through strict security checks and tests by an iOS App Development Company before uploading it onto the app store. However, there is a chance of a more significant threat to your data, if in any case, you connect your device with an external device or any unknown Wifi connections. While accessing the corrupted Websites, iOS apps can also corrupt your iOS device, either a mobile, Mac, IPad, or any other Apple device.

Hence, we recommend you avoid connecting insecure sources to Apple devices because it can create irresistible difficulty for you.

#6 Misconception: iOS is immune to malware

Yes, you can say but, iOS is a bit special and has an entirely different system, over which Apple has extensive control, but that doesn't mean it's immune to any kind of threats. Every system is under attack, and iOS is no different. Even if all of its apps are placed in the Apple Store after proper security checks, apps can still get infected or compromise your phone's security.

#7 Misconception: The future of iOS apps is black

iOS comes with innovative and cutting-edge technologies from time to time, so there is no future for iOS applications. Yes, technology is changing, but it is wrong to consider change the only protocol to measure iOS app obsolescence. Mobile apps will be around for a very long time, as everything is mobile-centric now. That way, iOS apps won't disappear anytime soon.

iOS Myths Debunked? 

In our countdown, we've focused on seven myths about iOS app development. Are you clear about iOS apps now? Share this information with others and clear up your thoughts and what other misconceptions have you heard about application development? Comment below.
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