5 Benefits of Using Online Tutoring Platforms at High Schools and Colleges

5 Benefits of Using Online Tutoring Platforms at High Schools and Colleges

Before COVID 19 pandemic situation in India, every student and their parents had been struggling to follow the traditional face-to-face teaching methodology at the high schools, colleges, and private tuitions. But afterward, this methodology completely changed into digital teaching. The parents are always seeking academic help outside the schools/colleges, so instead of attending tuitions, hiring a private tutor online makes it easy and affordable for their children. 


With the help of the internet, today’s online tutoring option has changed the process of the education system worldwide. Online tutoring platforms brought the advancement and transformation in teaching methods, subject choices, way of students’ learning, and performance assessment metrics. But the best thing is, the increase in gaining knowledge by personalized support makes them better home-like tutoring.


Nowadays regularly, all the primary schools, high schools, and colleges are using the Zoom meeting app and WhatsApp for imparting academic studies to their students. Though it's a good way of an online education system, most of the students are facing health-related problems like eye-sights, etc which leads to lack of concentration. But online tutoring always helps to make it more convenient for every student by getting 24/7 instant access at any time and anywhere.  


As a parent, are you happy with the school’s academic programs? Does it meet the academic needs of your students? Now it’s the time for you to switch from traditional learning to digital learning. With several benefits for academics, your children’s high school/college can get it only through an online tutoring platform. So, for them, below are the five benefits of choosing online tutoring as the best option: 

1) Personal attention

It is the most common problem being faced in high schools and colleges that leads to boredom in academics for the students. Through virtual tutoring, every student will get 24/7 personalized access and one-to-one support for your students when they need it. The online tutoring classes eliminate the physical efforts of finding well-known private academic classes nearby home and attending them on-time for their children. So, an online tutoring platform is the best option for flexible learning for the students.

2)     Highly- qualified teachers

Subject-wise teaching in schools/colleges differs a lot from one teacher to another. Because their personality, qualification, experience, and expertise in the respective subject can make the difference. Considering a subject like maths, a student needs personalized attention as well as support for better understanding. An online tutoring platform connects the students with subject specialized and licensed teachers that help the students to learn from the right teacher for the right subject.

3)     Interactive sessions

As there is a change from blackboard and chalk to whiteboard and marker, a change from in-classroom programs to online courses has become popular. Online tutoring solves the problem of face-to-face interaction between students and teachers with the new “virtual classroom” solution, just through video. With the help of a whiteboard, video chat, and access to the shared online tools, it creates a simple, engaging, real-time interaction between the tutor and students. 

4)     Safe & secure

Most of the schools and colleges are using online, open-source platforms like Zoom meetings and Google Meets for academic teaching to the students which are unsecured. But the online tutoring platforms provides a private, highly secured learning space that reduces the risks of students’ privacy that exists in many video conferencing platforms. The online tutoring platform also offers a 100% safety guarantee and handling all payments to achieve student’s academic goals.

5)     Enhance subject knowledge

The benefit of an online tutoring platform, the live sessions can be recorded and provided to the students to playback later, which helps the students to enhance the complete understanding of the chosen subjects and prepare for the tests. By reviewing the recorded sessions on online tutoring platforms, the students will revise the concepts, do homework, and clear their doubts in the next sessions. Using the feature of messaging systems, the tutor and student will communicate only within the platform.


With the advanced technology, the education industry has observed a great change by the replacement of carrying the baggage of unnecessary books with digital course materials. The students require an online tutoring platform to facilitate the supplemental skills sets building in a more cost-effectively and conveniently than other traditional academic services. At last, Online tutorial platforms have made everything easily available in one place.