10 Things That Steal From Your Happiness

10 Things That Steal From Your Happiness

You automatically turn into actions that periodically you repeat. If your habits do not help you, then they hinder you. Here are some examples of those that will steal your happiness if you allow it:

1. You focus on the stories of everyone but yours

Do not be content with the success stories of others and how things are arranged for them, because you will forget to write your own. This means learning to respect, use your own ideas and instincts, to chart your own path. Create your own fairy tale and recreate it. You have everything in this life to become who you are. The incredible change happens when you decide to take control. This means less to take and more to create. This means refusing to let others think, talk and decide for you. If you want your life story to reach new heights, you need to clear the way, remove the burden that pulls you down, and tackle what gives you wings. Keep close to your heart your deepest desires and greatest goals and take time for them every day. If you really care about what you do and work hard for it, almost nothing can stop you and find happiness from it.

2. You are waiting for the perfect moment

Do not believe the myth for the right moment. There are no perfect moments, they are what you make them. So many people are waiting for the stars to determine what they are here for. The perfect moment, the perfect opportunity, etc. Wake up! These ideal situations are myths. They do not exist. Your ability to grow to the highest level of your potential is directly related to your willingness to face imperfection directly. You will succeed not by seeking the perfect moment, but by learning to use the imperfections in life adequately.

3. You only work for the salary

Working without interest means depriving yourself of your freedom. If you are not super keen on your job, at least it should be interesting to you. If your job is a daily affliction, just to pay the bills, you will spend your entire life claiming someone else's life. Think about it. This is your life, your work will fill much of it. It's not always about the money, it's about you. Ignore propaganda, especially by people who say, "Don't let work define you." Turn around and say, "I will do something that defines me." If your self is determined by at least one part of your work, it is satisfactory. Basically, your interest in work brings quality productivity and happiness to your mind. Don't put up with the pay. Look around until you find a job that interests you.

4. Keep a sense of hatred

As Martin Luther King Jr. says,  “Darkness cannot remove darkness, only light can do it. Hate cannot drive hatred, only love can. The  truth is that hate hate takes the best of us. She begins to control us. We forget why, what and whom we hate - we hate just because of hatred. Finally, of course, we start to hate ourselves. Everything and everyone you hate takes a permanent place in your mind and heart. So if you want to get something or someone out of your mind, don't hate it. Instead, tear yourself away, keep going forward, and don't turn back.

5. You embrace anxiety and fear

One day, when you look back and look at your life, you will realize that almost all your worries, anxieties and fears were completely unfounded. Why not wake up and realize it right now. How many job opportunities have you rejected because of your unnecessary worries and negativity? You can no longer do anything about the work you did. You will understand that you need to abandon some things due to the fact that they weigh you both physically and mentally. Leave them. Do not press the shackles against your own wrists. It's incredibly easy to enjoy your life right now, no matter the situation. The point is to move away from the absurd things that pull you back. Leave your worries and fears, rage and jealousy, the need to always be right and control others. Get rid of the claims and you'll have it all. Underneath all this madness, there is a happy and productive person. When you start to evaluate things in real life, life can be completely satisfying.

6. You get into difficulties

A bad day is just a bad day. Choose not to make it more than that. A time of trouble will inevitably affect your life and your work, do not let it affect who you are and where you are headed. Each day brings you a new lesson and new opportunities. You can always take the next step forward to the goal you set. Events can be awful and inevitable at times, but you always have a choice - if not when, how you can endure and move on.

7. Continually seek short-term pleasures

There are two types of pleasures in life - fleeting and lasting. The fleeting are born of instant material comfort, while the lasting are achieved through gradual mental growth. At first glance, it may be difficult to distinguish one from the other, but over time it becomes increasingly apparent that the latter is a much better option. Lasting pleasures in themselves lead to ups and downs in life, because through them the mind becomes more confident and calm. On the other hand, when life changes, it rages in your mind. Even the most interesting physical pleasures cannot make you happy for a long time.

8. You are trying to change everything at once

If you want to change the world, start with the world around you. Changing something radically is usually impossible, and trying to do it is extremely stressful. In fact, changing a few lives is usually relatively easy. Initially, you just need to focus on just one person, starting with your loved one. Try to make a bunch of small splashes and let the waves propagate naturally. If you want to change someone's thinking or mood, sometimes you first need to change the people around them. For example, if you make one person smile, you might make those around him smile. In this subtle way, you can touch a lot of people with your empathy without stressing yourself.

9. You continue to be with someone who hurts you

Sometimes you have to distance yourself from people, not because you don't care about them, but because they don't care about you. If someone hurts you again and again, accept the fact that they don't care about you. It's hard to swallow, but it's the only way out. Don't try to impress them anymore. Don't waste a second more than your time trying to prove something to them. Nothing has to be proven. Never do anything with them in mind.

10. You exaggerate the importance of physical attractiveness

Choosing someone simply because of the way it looks is like choosing food by color instead of taste. There's no point. These are innate, invisible, non-quantitative features that create a lasting impression. Just as some people like the mint scent, while others prefer chamomile, so there are undoubtedly places, things, qualities of people that magically attract you. Sometimes it may be the scars in your soul that you have shared with them. This creates a bond between you that holds you together.